Dumper Log

Fluidynes DumperLog Dumptuck Efficiency Monitoring System is a unique concept of Dumptruck Efficiency measurement in the harsh enviornment of open cast and continuous mines and construction sites. Apart from accurate measurement and logging of a fuel consumption, Kms covered and Engine Run Time it provides innovative features to conserve diesel fuel and reduce engine wear. The system generates detailed computerised reports on shiftwise analysis of vehicle operations.

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Flow Indicator Totaliser FL 602

Electronet's FL - 602 series of Flow Indicators is used to monitor & totalised the flow. Input is processed linearly or square rooted according to requirement. Flow rate is indicated on 3 ½ digit LED Display & totalised value of flow is indicated on LED counter having reset facility. Built -in battery back up is provided for totalisaton counter to avoid loss of data.

FuelLog is an innovative combinations of precision flow measurement technology with state of the art electronic serial communication transmitter and software utility compatible with all PCs It provides real time data logging directly on the PC with the added benefit of automatic generation of daily and monthly usage reports making all display based flow meter technology completely obsolete. Networking of multiple Flowmeters with one single PC actualy reduces installation cost compared to standard Flowmeters while providing unparallelled reliability, accuracy and ease of use.

Magaflow FullBore

The Manas make Electro-magnetic flow meter called as SROAT-1000 virtually approaches the ideal flow meter suitable for wide range of liquid flow measurement even with very low conductivities. The meter offers no resistance to flow hence the pressure drop is almost negligible. The measurement being based on Faraday’s law of electromagnetic induction , is independent of viscosity , density, pressure and temperature. The technique called as “ pulsed DC” is used which offers very high zero stability and accuracy of measurement.
Glass Tube Rotameter (RSA 3006)

Rotameter are designed for the accurate measurement of rate of flow for liquids and gases. The rotameter is mounted on vertically. A complete rotameter installation consists of tapered glass tube and shielded from all the sided with clearfront visibility. Inside the tubes, the float provides indication of flow rate.
Fuel Consumption Monitor 6640 Series

The Fuel Consumption Monitor is a compact fuel flow measuring system specially designed for accurate monitoring of net fuel consumption of gensets and low horse power engines used in construction machinery and vehicles. The unit is provided with a self powered fuel Totaliser which ensures complete reliability and accuracy under all operating conditions.

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Turbine Flow Transmitter With Local Display FL 106

The flowing media engages a vaned rotor causing it to rotate at an angular velocity proportional to flow rate. The pick-up coil senses the spinning motion of the rotor inside the pipe & converts it into a pulsating electrical signal. Summation of the pulsating electrical signal is directly related to the total flow. The frequency is linearly proportional to flow rate which is converted to mA signal by electronic circuitry.