Absolute Pressure Gauges

Absolute pressure gauges are used in the measurement of pressure free from barometric variations. These gauges indicate the absolute pressure of the source. This being the case, they are suited for use at all altitudes and locations and show the actual pressure of the source. They also find applications where pressure cycles alternate with vacuum cycles.
Utility Pressure Gauges

The 'Utility' range of H.Guru South is suitable for most process industrial application. These gauges have been designed for safe and economical pressure measurement.
Bimetal Thermometers

Bimetal thermometers are extremely simple in their construction and are as such widely used in industrial applications. In these instruments, temperature measurement is made by means of a bimetal sensor. The bimetal consists of two inseparably joint, metal strips, the coefficient of thermal expansion of each being different from the other. The strips are wound into a spiral coil, one end of which is fixed and the other is connected to the pointer axis. Any temperature variation, influences the bimetal in such a way, as to rotate the axis of the pointer. This rotation of the pointer is used to indicate the temperature on a dial scale. Bimetal thermometers, being dry systems, are used extensively for hygienic applications, as they are free from any contaminating fluids.
Industrial Pressure Gauges

H.Guru South 'Industrial Pressure Gauges' are suitable for all general industrial applications. They are robust in their construction and are ideal for field applications. These gauges come with bourdon tube sensing elements. They have guaranteed initial accuracy and repeatability. The accuracy is maintained longer, a result of a sound design and fabrication of all the critical components, in house. The design incorporates a blow out disc in order to maintain safety. These gauges are available with material and calibration certificates. Performance is as per IS 3624-1987. They are available in a variety of casing options to suite most environments and applications.