Humidity Temperature Transmitter

TRH-300 series utilizes a thin-film polymer capacitor to sense relative humidity, and a thin-film RTD to accurately sense temperature. The sensing element's multilayer dust, dirt, oil and common environmental chemicals.
Process Indicator Weather Proof DPC 100 WP

Electronet's Series DPC-200 WP are Process Indicators specially designed for various industrial applications in Hazard area mostly in Chemical and pharmaceutical industries. These can be used for monitoring & controlling parameters like Temperature, Pressure, Flow, Speed, Level etc. with the help of proper Sensors / Transmitters.
Sample Cooler

The sample cooler is a compact unit, specially designed as per ASME SEC-VIII, Div-1 & ASME PTC-19.11 to handle high pressure & High temperature applications. These coolers as designed for counter flow cooling to achieve very close temperature approach of the sample to coolant. These cooler as made up of double helix coil which meets ASTM D1192 requirements, fitted with a baffle for maximum efficiency. The shell is mounted through flanged connections and it can be removed without disturbing sample lines.
Temperature Controllers

The microprocessor based Temperature Controller is a high quality and user friendly product that can satisfy the user. The temperature controller has complete functions and utilizes a microprocessor that enables it to deliver fast results. The temperature has enhanced features that is critical to the user and is expected to raise quality levels and to expand production performances.
Thermal Dispersion Flow Switch

The Thermal Flow Switch Monitor SP-150 is based on the principle of thermal dispersion. A typical configuration uses two Temperature Detectors set within the tip of the sensor. One Temperature Detector is heated a few degrees above the other one. As the process medium flows over the tip of the sensor it disperses some of the heat from the heated Temperature Detector. The delta temperature is a function of flow velocity and converted into electronic signal. The open collector changes state once the set point has been reached.
Digital Process Scanner Sc 204

The new series of SC-204 from ELECTRONET is unique micro-controller based universal input process scanner is in most miniature size with multiple features. SC-204 is a blend of flexibility and versatility. Which can accept the universal input and display its processed value with optional alarm settings and communication port. All operating parameters are programmable through front membrane keypad.
Process Indicator Ex Proof DPC 100 FLP

Electronet's Series DPC-012 are Process Indicator / Controllers specially designed for various industrial applications. These can be used for monitoring and controlling parameters like Temperature, Pressure, Flow, Speed, Level etc. with the help of proper Sensors / Transmitters. The control points are settable through the potentiometers on front fascia and control output is available at the rare end.